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The Basics 09/16/2021

From a surface level, pool maintenance can seem like an easy task. Nonetheless, it is quite the opposite. Aside from the basic steps such as vacuuming, netting, and brushing, there are many other procedures that go into a routine service visit. To put it into perspective, we like to think of a pool as a machine. As with any machine, there are parts and components that constantly work together to effectively carry out the task it was designed to do. In this case, a pool relies on things like its plumbing, filtration, equipment, and most importantly, its water chemistry. When either of these elements fail to perform their tasks or meet expectations, it can adversely affect everything else with it, leaving you with a less than optimal swimming pool. Chlorine levels and pH readings should be done daily, as these are primary indicators of your pool’s sanitation level and the acidity of the water. Low chlorine levels can lead to growth of bacteria and algae, making it dangerous for swimmers. On the other hand, having too much chlorine can cause skin irritation, burning of eyes, and even hair discoloration! Low pH levels can cause premature corrosion of the pool’s surface and equipment. High pH levels cause bad water clarity, scaling, and the overall effectiveness of chlorine.

Chlorine Shortage 09/01/2021

We know it has been a rough year and hope you are staying healthy throughout this pandemic. If you are unaware, there is shortage of chlorine that the entire pool industry is facing in the country. One of the 3 major chlorine manufacturers, BioLab burned down last year in a devasting fire. This has caused a major shortage in Trichlor and Dichlor products that are regularly used in pool maintenance. Regrettably, this has caused a decrease in supply, as well as an increase in price. Distributors have also placed restrictions and limitations on service providers, making it extremely difficult to obtain enough to meet their needs. 

Recently, we have been fortunate enough to secure and ship a large stock of chlorine tabs. We are happy to be the only service provider on Maui with this supply on hand. In an effort prolong this supply, we are providing each of our clients with their own bucket to ensure that they will have enough to carry them through the next few months, as the shortage is estimated to continue throughout 2021 and early 2022. 

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